Read Complete details of features LiveStrong


Speed: 0-12 MPH

Slope: 0-12%

Running Surface: 20″ x 55″

Padding: 3-zone MaxComfort™ System

Pulse: Contact Grips

Engine: 2.5 CHP

Exercise Programs: 9 or more Livetrack™ Fitness


Casing: Heavy-Duty Frame

Exercise Fan: High Quality Blower Fan

Amusement: Speakers with MP3/iPod®



Model: LiveStrong LS7.9T Treadmill

Measurements: L 70″ x W 36″ x H 60″

Treadmill Weight: 183 lbs

Most extreme User Weight: 325 lbs


Lifetime: Motor and Frame

2 Years: Parts

1 Year: In-Home Labor

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